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The Pillars of Journey Health

Collective Expertise

To impact healthcare on every level we need a broad base of knowledge. That means a wide range of experts in and beyond the clinic that can draw from lived experience to offer solutions and guidance.

Community Invigoration

Our advocacy and standards of care reflect the understanding that every patient’s health isn’t just their own, but that of family, friends, and everyone around them.

Patient Partnership

We believe that healthcare should come to patients on their terms; seamless, coordinated and wherever they may need it.

Proven Innovation

We believe in putting new ideas into action to ensure that promise translates into effectiveness.

Roles that serve the community

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Open Positions at Journey Health

Have a lasting impact on the community and help improve lives

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Medical Assistant-Community Health Worker

The Journey Health Medical Assistant-Community Health Worker (MA-CHW) provides care and administrative services as part of a multidisciplinary care team under the supervision of a clinical practitioner. You will also be a key member in removing barriers that prevent patients from accessing needed care and in supporting them to achieve their care plan goals.

San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA

Hybrid - Mix of In-Person and Remote Work