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Healthcare that works for everyone

At Journey Health, we believe that truly supportive healthcare has to exist where you are, at home and in your community.

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Why we focus on community

At Journey Health, we believe health and community are inextricably linked. That's why we built Journey Health in partnership with existing local organizations and knowledgeable folks who know first-hand how they can help us reach those who need our care most.

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Social Care Planning

We assess, connect, and refer patients to qualified community-based organizations that can assist patients with services that support health beyond the traditional scope of healthcare.

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Transitional Care

We carefully plan patients' journey home from the hospital ensuring that they are comfortable and near loved ones while still receiving the support needed to heal.

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Health Navigation

We support patients as they move through the complex healthcare environment.  Our care managers are linked with providers across the system and ensure patients have access to the care they need.

We build community to care for communities.

Journey Health creates a network of partners to better serve at-need patients.


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